BIATV Leveraging LinkedIn

Social media has the power to make an amazing impact on your business, but it’s not always clear how to use it effectively. This is especially true when it comes to LinkedIn.

For tips on building your network, strengthening your brand and leveraging this awesome tool, watch the latest episode of “Business in America“. You’ll be glad you did!

BIATV Websites

Websites are changing and these changes will significantly impact your company. Business leaders today cannot afford to ignore these changes.

There’s a good chance that your site could use some updates and it could make a big impact on your level of success. Check out the latest episode of “Business in America TV” for a list of website do’s and don’ts for 2016.

Thanks for watching!

BIATV Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming recognized as a crucial part of any business marketing plan. However, it’s not an easy task putting together a solid marketing plan.

Yes, digital marketing tools have made content more accessible, but there are some definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to putting your business on the digital map.

Check out the latest episode of “Business in America TV” for some simple strategies that will make creating and distributing quality content a reality.

BIATV Business Podcasts

By now, you’re well aware that podcasts offer amazing tips and resources for Business Leaders.

That’s why this episode of “Business in America TV” has picked 3 fantastic podcasts for you to subscribe to. Pull up your podcast app on your phone or tablet and get ready for some great business and leadership content!

We’ve vetted and tested these great podcasts and recommend them. Check out the video to see which ones we’re talking about.

BIATV Communication

Answer this question:
True or False? A client wants a quick response from you, so the best method is to send a text.

That was a trick question! A lot of businesses are making communication choices that could be hurting client/customer relations and they can be avoided just by following a few simple guidelines.

Check out the latest episode of “Business in America TV” to get a simple and effective plan for using technology for communication.

BIATV Advertising

Does the word “advertising” make you cringe? As a business leader, you’re faced with the dilemma of needing advertising but ensuring it gives a return on the investment. What’s the secret?

On the latest episode of “Business in America TV“, the formula for getting effective advertising gets broken down. You won’t want to miss this info!

Business Sales in 2016

It’s a new year, and you’re on a mission to make 2016 the best year for your company. What’s your plan for increasing sales long-term?

You already know the obvious answers to driving sales, but the words “work harder” just don’t do the trick anymore. It’s time to step out of the box!

Check out the latest episode of “Business in America TV” for powerful ways your sales can grow this year.

Business Podcasts

At the beginning of last year, New York Magazine predicted that 2015 would be the year of the podcast, and they were right.

Podcasts offer an incredibly unique way to spread your marketing, communicate with your clients and even improve the culture of your business team. Check out the latest episode of “Business in America TV” to learn how your business can benefit from embracing the podcast this year.

2016 Goals

Each year on January 1st, millions of people make resolutions to bring positive change to their lives in the new year. Getting rid of old habits can make room for new and good ones.

So, what’s stopping your business from making similar commitments? Whatever is holding you back from making those changes, will likely hold you back from advancing your business again next year.

Check out this special New Year’s episode of “Business in America TV” to get expert advice on how to plan for a successful 2016.

Business Brand

To keep your business strong, developing and maintaining your brand has to be a top priority.

But many businesses are missing a key element to retaining and gaining customers. Check out this episode of “Business in America TV” to find out how your brand can taken to the next level in 2016.

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